Missing chats in widget

Is there any limit on support chats that will show in the list in the widget? Some of our Sendbird chats that are assigned to a specific Salesforce user are missing from their Sendbird Chat widget even though they were there previously.

Hello @Ashley_Smith,

There is no inherent limit. If the chat is older, it could require you to scroll down to paginate and load more chats.

Hi @Tyler , would you be able to investigate further why chats are disappearing for us? The chats in question do reappear when the cases are unassigned and reassigned to the Salesforce user. We are confused why they disappear from the window in the first place because they are already assigned correctly in Salesforce and part of the group channel in Sendbird, so there’s no reason we can see from an implementation standpoint that this would be happening. The chats that disappear are seemingly random, so it’s concerning that we may be losing messages from customers that the Salesforce user cannot see.

Hi @Ashley_Smith,

This likely requires a much deeper investigation. I would suggest opening a case with our support team via the Dashboard.