Need advice to Built in chat app for saas base application

Hey there,
I hope you guys are doing good.Well I am new to send bird chat api. what i want is to built a in chat app for saas application.My requirements some how resembles with the following ones. Can anyone check the requirements below and give me guiding steps ot some startet code for in chat app using sendBird for saas models?
a simple chat icon will appear across all pages. The chat icon is basically to allow intra-company chats. So member of the same group, accounts, company, friends, that have groupable-profile on any website, can just emnbed the JS code and can chat with each other…

My requiremnts are
All standard features of a in-app chat messaging must be visible and the interface must be brandable to suit any company, so the admin can configure ahy created account.

The chat messaging API provider is Sendbird: A complete in-app chat API and SDK platform.

You will be required to implement sendbird’s api for this job, and your final deliverable will be measured as follow.

1.I will embed your JS Code on a SaaS website and see if the chat icon appears.
2.I will create several company accounts on the website
3.I will add several unique employees to each company created in 2 above
4.I will test if employee within same company can chat wirth themselves succesfully.
I would be great Help. thank you very much. For UI kit i am thinkg to choose ReactUI Kit.

Thank you very much

Hi @MUHAMMAD_TALHA - welcome to the Sendbird community!

It sounds like you have a requirement for a multi-tenant solution where you have to add Chat to multiple different web apps. You can build a multi-tenant chat with Sendbird in one of the two ways.

A) Create a new Sendbird app for each tenant. It will keep the data segregated for the tenants. However, depending on how many tenants you could have - it would produce a lot of apps that you will have to manage.

B) Keep a single Sendbird app for all the tenants and segregate the data by adding the tenant_id as metadata to users and channels. The only caveat is that your app and/or backend will have to manage the tenant_id metadata properly to avoid mixing the tenant’s data.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

You can find the React sample app here.

Here are a couple of tutorials to help you understand some basics.

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I do not have much experience about multi-tenent app development. how much flexiable and easy to interagte the Sendbird api in the multi-tenet app?I want to use first approach . can you tell me that how i would be able to manage alot of copies of this app , thorugh some admin panel ?

We have enterprise-scale customers using the Sendbird APIs/SDKs for multi-tenant apps.

For the first approach, please note that there is a default limit of 10 apps. Our support team will have to increase it after careful consideration if you need more than that.

You can manage the apps from the Sendbird dashboard or via APIs.

Since you have already marked this topic as resolved, please start a new post if you have further questions.