.NET SDK supporting WEBRTC for .NET MVC

Does the .NET SDK supports WEBRTC based Video and Chat features.
We want to develop a HIPAA compliant Video Calling and Text Chat feature into our existing .NET MVC Application
HIPAA compliance with BAA is our primary condition
The .NET SDK documentation does not talks anything about video calling.

Please confirm

Hello Ankur,

At this point, there is no .NET SDK for Sendbird Calls. The current .NET SDK is only for Sendbird Chat.

Due to constraints, we have no plans for a .NET Sendbird Calls SDK in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi KC Kern,
Thanks for your response confirming .NET SDK not capable of Video Calls.
However if we go with JAVASCRIPT SDK - does it supports video Calling ?

Also how about WEBRTC Support on Safari browsers - iPAD and MAC Laptops ? Does it works on latest Safari browsers as well ?
We have users on iPAD/MAC Laptops along with Windows Desktops/Laptops (Edge/Chrome borwsers) . Do the 2 SDKS … .NET SDK and JAVASCRIPT SDK . works on all browsers or is there any limitation. Please elaborate.

Ankur Soni

Hello @ankur.soni. The Javascript SDK does support video calling, even on Safari browsers.

On iPad, webRTC on iOS Safari has been supported since iOS 11.

Users can each other using the SDK, regardless of browser (chrome/safari/firefox) or OS (window/mac)

Only IE is not supported.