No video and audio coming in iPhone safari browser

when we are doing video call from iPhone safari browser call is connected but no video and audio is coming in browser it is showing black screen for video view. in system and other browser it is working fine only issue with iPhone safari browser.
could you help with this problem.

I am having this same (or a similar) issue – I am able to join a voice call successfully in Safari on an iPad, and the microphone appears to be working (i.e. the other client on a Windows PC/Firefox receives the audio from the iPad), but the iPad does not play any audio from the PC. Any help would be appreciated.

I was able to solve this problem by executing the following (in Javascript) when the user clicks the button indicating that they wished to join the call:


From my research, it seems that Safari on iOS is very protective of unsolicited audio being played, requiring that sounds be a direct result of some kind of user action (e.g. a button click). This code in the event handler makes sure that the audio is enabled even though the user actually joins the call much deeper in the code.