Not able to get public group channel list

I am using sendbird@3.1.8 version, and trying to implement the chat SDK JS in my angular project.

I am able to connect user and get his details but when I am trying to fetch the groupChannel list and trying to connect or create a group channel getting error.

Attaching below a snap of the error.

Hello, @vikasmehay Welcome to the Sendbird community!

This looks like some dependency issues. I would like to know are you including Sendbird from NPM or YARN or including it from the index.html ?

You can just simply include Sendbird with modules: import Sendbird from 'sendbird'

Let me know if this helps.

Hello @Chinmaya_Gupta , thanks for your prompt reply.

I have included Sendbird through npm and created a separate index.js file which I have included in project root index.html file.

But as you mentioned it might be a version issue let me try with different version and the way you mentioned.