Not show notifications

HI everyone, today I got a problem about not showing notifications. And I trace log , that tell me,

Ignore this message if you sent data-only notification. Cannot send to notification centre because there is no ‘message’ field in: Bundle[{userInteraction=false, id=1962104142, data=Bundle[{message=: Flo, sendbird={“custom_type”:"",“channel”:{“custom_type”:"",“name”:“sonkim_nguyennk_chat”,“channel_url”:“sendbird_group_channel_35325307_5c577929523c56ea657b9a50687757a8f4e31d63”},“created_at”:1619326397294,“message_id”:1055629562,“message”:“Flo”,“type”:“MESG”,“unread_message_count”:1,“audience_type”:“only”,“sender”:{“require_auth_for_profile_image”:false,“profile_url”:"",“name”:"",“id”:“nguyennk”},“push_sound”:“default”,“translations”:{},“recipient”:{“name”:"",“push_template”:“default”,“id”:“sonkim”},“files”:,“category”:“messaging:offline_notification”,“channel_type”:“messaging”,“mentioned_users”:,“app_id”:“60D6B51F-3F53-4489-86AF-70D46FA0E118”}}], foreground=false}]

→ So, Please anyone who know how to add template notifcations could you share with me?, I will be very appreciated


Welcome to the Sendbird Community!

Could you provide some context on your implementation of Push Notifications? Can you share what SDK and version you’re utilizing?

Additionally, could you provide some code that shows how you’ve implemented push notifications and when/where do you receive this error?


Firstly, thank you for your quick response. i’m using sendbird 3.0.148. i wonder that whether my template is corect or not


This doesn’t seem like its a template issue but rather an issue with implementation. Could you share the code you’ve implemented surrounding push notifications?


hi @Tyler

Currently, I’m facings with the same issue like that, when the app receives the push data it’s not contain the “notification” field, so the app cannot display the notification in the status bar (in case app in the background or terminated).
So, how can we config the returned format data from Sendbird with the “notification” field?

“react-native”: “0.64.0”,
“sendbird”: “^3.0.148”,
“react-native-firebase”: “^5.5.6”,

Hi @sonkim We don’t pass a notification field. Can you tell me what error you’re getting?