Notifications are not stable for Group Channel Custom Messages

I am not receiving the Notification every time for the Group Channel message. Some time I receives all the pending notifications together and it is kind of breaking my functionality. I have checked its not related to the internet connection.

Hi @ajay_bhimani , Thanks for reporting your issue.

It seems like that your question is about Sendbird Chat. Since this is the Sendbird Calls board, you might want to post on Sendbird Chat API/SDK - Sendbird Community instead :slight_smile:

Great catch @mininny. @ajay_bhimani, I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the appropriate category.

Hi @ajay_bhimani .
I have some questions.
What do you use for push notification? (FCM or HMS)
Are you using mutl-deivce support feature?
And I wonder that the issue is occurring on all devices, or specific device