On Receiver side SendBirdCallListener Does not detect any incoming calls

SendBirdCallListener Does not detect any incoming calls
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I have integrated everything same as given in sample app. I have registered the Firebase server key on dashboard in calls and chat section also. I have put APP_ID in my app also. In my app user authenticates successfully too. but the incoming call does not come on the receiver side however outgoing call is working as i can see in the logs. Here is my snippet

SendBirdCall.init(applicationContext, APP_ID)
SendBirdCall.authenticate( AuthenticateParams(userId) , AuthenticateHandler { … } )
var handlerId = getUniqueID() // 8 characters alphanumeric uuid example : 23e317c8
SendBirdCall…addListener(handlerId, object : SendBirdCallListener() { … } )

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I changed the fcm server key with new account and replaced it but still no luck
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