OnRinging not getting invoked or working in flutter platform channels

Problem :
Receiving Calls doesn’t work in android
Problem Description :
When trying to call the user from sendbird dashboard to my flutter app i don’t receive the call but the opposite is working fine when trying to make calls from my flutter app.

I have set up FCM and added the Server Key in the dashboard but nothing is happening, seems like the on ringing event listener isn’t getting triggered any idea why?
is there any extra configuration needed to make it work?

Used SDK Version :1.9


Did you check if the onRing event is coming in as a basic Android Calls sample?

am not sure what you mean by a basic Android Calls sample?

@Yongjun_Choi I have been able to receive a call only once , with the following scenario:
Call the userId from the dashboard before you enter the calling screen, enter the calling screen from the flutter app , the onRinging method is triggred , end call from dashboard and try to call again , onRinging Method doesn’t get trigger again despite being a listener ,

Any Help towards the correct direction would be great

sorry for being late. @Mahmood_Fathy

OnRingin should occur through push reception if it is offline and socket event if it is online.
If OnRinging is well invoked from the Android base sample, it may not be a setting problem.

I think it was implemented referring to the basic sample, but please try to check if it works by the sample.