Issues with the onRinging Event in @sendbird/calls-react-native


I am experiencing an issue with the implementation of the onRinging event in the @sendbird/calls-react-native library. The event only triggers in specific situations, such as when I close and reopen the application or when both parties call each other, but it does not behave as expected in normal incoming call situations.

I am setting up my application according to the guide you provide; however, this issue is also happening with the ReactNative sample app on your website.

Additionally, each Sendbird user (which I can see in the Dashboard) has a Token.

It’s worth noting that I am running all of this on an iOS simulator and also on a physical iPhone 13 Pro Max with the latest iOS version (currently focusing on iOS, not Android). My application already used Firebase, so I configured the notification token in Sendbird as well.

This same issue is happening in this thread but has not been resolved:

Link to the community thread:

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I am experiencing this issue also.