onSendFileMessage not working when type is set to "image"

I’m creating a custom <Input /> for my group channels so I am able to automate tests easier around it. While doing so I noticed that sending this object

      uri: photo.path,
      size: photo.size,
      name: photo.mime,
      type: "image",

that the resulting message type === file when rending in the list.

After doing some digging in the codebase it looks like
regex.ts#L56 is the root issue. If I change the type above to image/ or use the photo.mime prop it works. This could probably be solved with more type definitions or improved docs on how to handle this particular use case.

[UIKit Version]
// What version of the SDK are you using? 2.0.0

[Current impact]
Images are not showing in messages list and when a user taps on them they are taken to their web browser to view the image.

Hi @Cory_Cunningham,

As you discovered, this is expecting a MIME type, and thus purely passing image is not expected to work. I’ll talk with the team about trying to make that more explicitly clear.