Previous messages not showing when creating a channel with a user with past chat history

This is using v4 of the iOS SDKs.

When the user goes to create a channel from the SBUGroupChannelListViewController view controller, they do not see past history on the chat once they select the recipient if there is past message history.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @landonferrier – please try enabling the ‘Chat history’ setting as shown in the screenshot.

This is for one on one conversations. When the user creates a new channel and selects a user they already have a channel with none of the previous messages are showing. Is that the intended sdk functionality?

Thanks for the clarification.

That is the default expected behavior when creating a channel – it creates a new channel every time. If you want to use the existing channel for the same members, instead of creating a new channel, you can create distinct channels. To do that, you can set the config as documented here.