Pricing FAQ about changes for Starter and Pro Plans - 2021

We have made a few changes to Sendbird Chat pricing that we hope will make it easier for you to take advantage of Sendbird’s most popular and powerful features. As we’ve gained efficiencies in our platform, we have chosen to significantly reduce our price per MAU for many plans.

For information on the Starter and Pro plans, please see our pricing page.

Q: Are there any feature changes in the Starter plan?

Yes. Message search is no longer included in the Starter plan. Previously, Message Search was used by a small percentage of Starter customers, and removing it allowed us to lower the price of the Starter plans for everyone.

The new Pro plan which offers more premium features is now closer to the previous Starter plan price. We encourage customers to consider an upgrade to get access to additional premium features.

Also, premium feature usage limits have increased to reduce the likelihood of incurring an overage.

Q: Are there any feature changes in the Pro plan?

There are no feature changes to the Pro plan. Additionally, usage limits for premium features have increased to reduce the likelihood of incurring an overage with the Pro plan.

Q: What are the options for existing customers?

  • Existing Starter plan customers will have the option to stay on their existing pricing plan or move to the new pricing plan.
    • Current Starter plan customers are encouraged to consider new Pro plans since the new pricing is significantly lower and include more premium features.
    • Current Starter plan customers can take advantage of new, lower Starter plan pricing by changing plans. Keep in mind the Message Search feature is no longer included in new Starter plans, and existing customers who chose to take advantage of new Starter pricing will lose access to Message Search.
    • Current Starter plan customers who rely on the Message Search feature should consider new Pro plans which provide access to more premium features, including Message Search, at lower prices. Otherwise, they may stay on their existing Starter plan with no changes.
    • Existing customers who want to move MAU tiers will need to adopt the new pricing plan including any associated premium feature changes.
  • Existing Pro plan customers will automatically be moved to the new pricing plan and receive a discount.
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