Push Notifications for SuperGroups

Hi, I have some doubts regarding how supergroup notification works, which was stated here.

Particularly, I’m interested to see how it works with 2 specifics properties while sending a message: is_silent and send_push:

  1. From what I understand, if is_silent is set to true for a message sent to a group channel, then members won’t be receiving any push notification, regardless of the value of send_push, right?
  2. For a supergroup of > 100 members, particularly for the case when a user is active; do those 2 properties from messages overwrite the behaviour where the user would receive notifications for every message sent within the one-minute timeframe? In other words, within that one-minute timeframe once the user becomes active, if there are messages are sent to the supergroup (>100 members) with is_silent set to true, will the user still receive the push notifications?

And for the 2nd question, if it does, is there a way to disable the behaviour? (to not receive notifications during the 1-minute-timeframe)

Hello @Pangpangguy,

Welcome to the Sendbird community.

  1. Yes, is_silent will override the users push notifications preferences as well as the value of send_push.
  2. The user would not receive any push notifications for any messages where is_silent is true.

I see, because we have been experiencing some cases where a user receives push notifications for messages from a supergroup within that 1-minute timeframe, even though the messages are sent to the supergroup with isSilent turned on, so we were suspecting that the supergroup rule would somehow override the property.

I’ll look into this further from our end but in the meantime, do you have any ideas or insights into other potential reasons that might be causing this issue to occur?