Retrieve Member Push Notification Settings on group_channel_message_send Web Hook


This means that each time a message is sent in the chat we need to send 1 + number of members API requests. With 2k members that’s 2001 Api requests per message :rofl::sob:

This does not feel scalable and we will be hitting your API a lot.

Is it possible to have member.push_trigger_option returned in List members: ( It feels like an omission?



@TGuy Hey Tom, I just want to chip in and say my team and I are facing the exactly same issue! We logged this with Sendbird Support and they said they will ask their product team if its something they can look at.

But this was over a month ago now. I think this is something that has slipped through the net on Sendbirds side as we were recommended to use the webhooks as well as our use case doesn’t work with Sendbirds own push notification system.

Our proposal was that the List Members api call includes the members pushTriggerOption for the channel in the response.

Apologies, I don’t mean to hijack your post but we were told that no other customers had a similar use case :confused:

Hey @Andy_Wooller no need to apologise!

Happy to have some company struggling with the same issue :two_men_holding_hands:.

I agree it seems to have slipped through the net. As most applications will need to support push notifications other than Seabirds in app chat.

Therefore the need to handle push notifications in house via web hooks.

Without this property returned we wither need to:

A) Call the Get push notification preferences API per user as I suggested :grimacing:


B) Manage push notifications ourselves either by completely rolling our own OR syncing Sendbirds push preferences for a user via web hooks. At that point it is a lot of work for which you wold hope to be provided by the expensive SDK.

Hoping the team at Sendbird can add this in or at least suggest a timeline for when they hope to do so.

In addition to my original post. We also do not receive data points such as member.is_blocking_sender for super group push notification web hooks. So we either need to ignore this :cry:. Or again manage this ourselves.

This would solve the issue:

  1. member.push_trigger_option on List members: (
  2. Some way to identify if channel members are blocking senders or not.

@Rajan_Banerjee @Tyler Any thoughts from your side? :smiling_face:.


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