Query parameter "members_include_in" in /v3/group_channels requires unescaped comma between ids

There seems to be an issue with the “members_include_in” query parameter in the /v3/group_channels endpoint. With the javascript module URLSearchParams, the query string is constructed with the comma escaped, e.g. “first-guid%2Csecond-guid”. If this is passed in the “members_include_in” query param, no channels are returned. If you manually replace “%2C” with “,” the endpoint works as expected.

Although commas might technically be allowed in query params, it occurs to me that the API might want to respect the built-in javascript URLSearchParams functionality:

new URLSearchParams({members_include_in: '1,2', query_type: 'OR'})
 // members_include_in=1%2C2&query_type=OR