React-native APNS setup

I am in a react-native app, currently building only for ios.

I am following this guide for implementing notifications:

The guide asks to install the library:
yarn add @react-native-community/push-notification-ios

The documentation of this library asks to modify the AppDelegate.h and files:

Since we are in a react-native app, the AppDelegate.h and files get regenerated every time we rebuild the project.

Is there a way to add the modifications needed in AppDelegate.h and on the react-native side and have the code generated in AppDelegate.h and files so that on every rebuild of the project we do not lose the code needed to setup APNS notifications?

If so, where in the react-native side do we add these modifications ?

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“sendbird”: “^3.1.33”,
“sendbird-desk”: “^1.1.2”

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Every time we rebuild the react-native project, the AppDelegate.h and files get regenerated and we lose any modifications made to these files.

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Cannot implement notifications on ios robustly