Reopen desk ticket when a user replies in a closed ticket

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Is there any way to reopen a ticket when a customer send a message in a closed ticket ?



Hello @tpucci,

The Sendbird Desk SDK does provide a method to reopen closed tickets. You would need to check the ticket status to determine if you need to call the reopen method. If you can provide the platform and SDK that you are working with, Iā€™d be happy to provide you with documentation.

Please note that tickets that have been closed for more than 20 days cannot be reopened.

Hello @Ian

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We use the Flutter Chat SDK on the customer side.
We use Sendbird Dashboard website on the agent side.

Hello @tpucci,

Sendbird Desk does not have a Flutter SDK. You would need to implement a backend call to use the Platform API to reopen a closed ticket.

Thank you for your answer.

I am not sure to understand.
When a user sends a message in a group channel, how do I know which ticket is associated with that group channel and if it is open or closed ?
Eventually, I would like to block the user. He should not be able to send a message to a closed ticket.