Reset the SBUChannelListViewController after user changed

Whenever the user changes (logout, login), I want to reset and reload the channel list. I tried multiple approaches but couldn’t get it to work.

Calling loadNextChannelList(reset: true) seems to be the way to go (that’s what the retry button also does) and the screen resets (empty list) but no new request is done. I debugged the UIKit code and found that SBUChannelListViewModel.reset() calls dispose() on the channelCollection but afterwards hasMore is still false which results in no request (“All channels have been loaded.”).
If I set channelCollection to null, everythings seems to work fine. However, this is no public property, so you need to fork the whole UIKit framework.

Is there another, better or working way to reset the channel list?

Welcome to Sendbird community @Matthias_Buchetics !

I will let UIKit team know and see if we can fix the problem. Thanks for your patient