Running chat and feeds side in a single project

Is anyone using send bird for chat and any other platform for Instagram-like feeds functionality? if yes, would it be possible to connect for a quick discussion

Hi @Irfan_Ali ,
Welcome to the Sendbird Community! If you don’t mind, would you please give me more details about your use case?

we are building these 2 features -

  1. Chat messaging with all the modern functionalities.
  2. User feed functionality enriched with all modern feed features similar to Twitter, Instagram will all.
    Sendbird is a very good chat product but feed is something I believe is not achievable using just chat groups. That’s why I am hoping to get in touch with someone who has built similar functionalities

Hi @Irfan_Ali

Did you get an answer to this question? I have a similar scenario here.

Hi @Irfan_Ali and @gseabra

Sorry for the late response.

We do not support the exact feed functionality at the moment.
However, you may achieve this functionality via Open(only Single type)/Group channel.
Please refer to our customer stories. Sendbird - Customers