SBUOpenChannelViewController/SBUChannelViewController keyboard issue

I’m using the latest version of the sendbird uikit for iOS (v2.1.10) together with sendbird sdk v3.0.228 and while using SBUOpenChannelViewController or SBUChannelViewController inside a TabBar I’m getting a non desirable behaviour. I have a blank space between the keyboard and the textfield to send the messages, as you can see:

I’m testing with an iPhone 12 Mini simulator (iOS 14.5) but tried with different simulators and the same thing happens.

My setup is a UITabBarController with a UINavigationController that contains the SBUOpenChannelViewController.

Hello @plopes , sorry to late checking!

Are you using the isTranslucent=false option?
If you are using this option, can you tell me why you are using it?

Hi @Tez,

Thanks for replying.
Yes, I’m using isTranslucent=false.
I’m using it because the design of my application requires me to use it.
Isn’t it possible to use that with SBUChannelViewController?


Hi @plopes ,

If the isTranslucent=false option is used, the tabbar’s height is calculated unnecessarily, which is problematic.
We recommend changing the option to true when entering the SBUChannelViewController.
But it can also be difficult to set up, so I’ll fix this issue and distribute it in the next update. :grinning: :pray:
Please wait a few days!

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iOS UIKit version 2.1.13 has been released! Thank you @plopes for confirming that this version resolved the issue!

For anyone else that also needs the isTranslucent=false option and is encountering a blank space between the keyboard and message input, please update to version 2.1.13 or later.