Sendbird calls react native No Dialing sound played when making a call

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Hello, i currently use your v1 [sendbird-calls-react-native], i found a bug where the dialing audio is not played when making a call, i also test the sendbird-calls sample app from (Play store and App Store), they also not played the dialing sound

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v1.0.0 sendbird-calls-react-native

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just making a call

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always occured

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This is impacting on user experience, but not the functionality


I’ve checked sendbird-calls sample apps in Play store and App store. The dialing sound played normally.
Could you check the volume control of your device?

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I’ve checked it multiple time, my volume is on half but still no dialing sound,

just to make sure, this is the sound played when you make a call (dialing), not when you receive a call (ringing) right ? because i’ve tried on Android and iOS too, and theres no sound

if (Platform.OS === ‘android’) {
SendbirdCalls.addDirectCallSound(SoundType.RINGING, ‘ringing.mp3’);
SendbirdCalls.addDirectCallSound(SoundType.DIALING, ‘dialing.mp3’);
SendbirdCalls.addDirectCallSound(SoundType.RECONNECTED, ‘reconnected.mp3’);
SendbirdCalls.addDirectCallSound(SoundType.RECONNECTING, ‘reconnecting.mp3’);

RINGING played perfectly fine (incoming call)
DIALING not played (outgoing call / making a call)

this is the dialing sample sound i use from sendbird quickstart-calls-directcall-react-native/android/app/src/main/res/raw at main · sendbird/quickstart-calls-directcall-react-native · GitHub

I will also check the RN sample app.
Which devices have you checked with?

By the way, regarding sound files itself, Sendbird has a license to use the audio in our sample, but not to distribute it. So it would be important for you to obtain your license.

I’m using Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, and on iOS i was tested with iPhone 12 Pro Max

Thank you for your information Brian, Thankfully it still in development, so i will change it before release

I’ve checked with a Pixel 5 emulator that the dialing tone works normally.

After i test with max volume, turns out the dialing sound works, but the volume so tiny, i cannot hear the sound with low - medium slider. Thank you for you assistance Brian.

You can choose “ear piece” or “speaker phone”.
If choosing “speaker phone”, you will be able to better hear the dialing sound.

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Thank you Brian for your support, i’ve changed the sound file to another one from internet and it works fine. But now i’m facing another problem regarding answering call from iOS on killed state T_T, and cannot find any thread here regarding the problem, i’ve started new thread in Cannot answer call on iOS on killed state