[Sendbird Calls] React sample app doesn't allow login

I’m trying to test if SendBird calls are working as expected using React Native SDK and React SDK web app.

I was able to login and make video/voice calls on React Native sample app offered by SendBird. But, I cannot login on React sample app.

I downloaded React sample app in the following link:

I created a user and and Sendbird app on Dashboard. But, somehow, I cannot login.

I’m keep getting 400 error on client side, and a toast shows up saying “Check entered information and try again.”

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[SDK Version]
// What version of the SDK are you using?
React ^1.6.0

[Reproduction Steps]
1 - build the app
2 - try login with the user id and app id(I’m using the same user id and app id for React Native and React sample apps)


[Current impact]
I cannot test cross platform calls between mobile app and web app

Issue fixed.

I issues access tokens for each user. So I was supposed to type in access token instead of userId.