SendBird UI stuck on loading state and on click on create group, an error is thrown

I have installed the sendbird react SDK and integrated with sendbird like this

<div style={{ width: '100vw', height: '100vh' }}>

but I keep getting the error below

And when I click on create group I get this error

Uncaught TypeError: sdk.createApplicationUserListQuery is not a function
    at createDefaultUserListQuery (@sendbird_uikit-react.js?v=59fa7f6c:40880:20)
    at @sendbird_uikit-react.js?v=59fa7f6c:40907:70
    at commitHookEffectListMount (chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:24362:34)
    at commitPassiveMountOnFiber (chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:25610:19)
    at commitPassiveMountEffects_complete (chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:25583:17)
    at commitPassiveMountEffects_begin (chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:25573:15)
    at commitPassiveMountEffects (chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:25563:11)
    at flushPassiveEffectsImpl (chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:26944:11)
    at flushPassiveEffects (chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:26901:22)
    at commitRootImpl (chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:26870:13)
createDefaultUserListQuery @ @sendbird_uikit-react.js?v=59fa7f6c:40880
(anonymous) @ @sendbird_uikit-react.js?v=59fa7f6c:40907
commitHookEffectListMount @ chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:24362
commitPassiveMountOnFiber @ chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:25610
commitPassiveMountEffects_complete @ chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:25583
commitPassiveMountEffects_begin @ chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:25573
commitPassiveMountEffects @ chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:25563
flushPassiveEffectsImpl @ chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:26944
flushPassiveEffects @ chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:26901
commitRootImpl @ chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:26870
commitRoot @ chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:26731
performSyncWorkOnRoot @ chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:26349
flushSyncCallbacks @ chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:16561
(anonymous) @ chunk-7NBZTFPV.js?v=59fa7f6c:26081
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raygun.js:4542 The above error occurred in the <InviteUsers> component:

    at InviteUsers (
    at CreateChannel (
    at CreateChannelProvider (
    at CreateChannel2
    at AddGroupChannelView (
    at AddGroupChannel (
    at div
    at div
    at Header (
    at GroupChannelListHeader (
    at div
    at GroupChannelListUIView (
    at GroupChannelListUI (
    at div
    at UserProfileProvider (
    at GroupChannelListProvider (
    at GroupChannelList
    at div
    at div
    at DesktopLayout (
    at AppLayout (
    at GlobalModalProvider (
    at VoiceRecorderProvider (
    at VoicePlayerProvider (
    at VoiceMessageProvider (
    at LocalizationProvider (
    at MediaQueryProvider (
    at SendbirdSDK (
    at UIKitConfigProvider (
    at SendbirdProvider (
    at App (
    at div
    at Chat (
    at RenderedRoute (
    at Outlet (
    at main
    at div
    at Layout
    at RenderedRoute (
    at RenderErrorBoundary (
    at DataRoutes (
    at Router (
    at RouterProvider (
    at Router
    at Mf (
    at An (
    at Bt (
    at Cf (
    at If (
    at aG (
    at ApolloProvider (
    at _a (
    at App
    at IntlProvider3 (
    at IntlProvider

What could be wrong?

[Current impact]
I am blocked here and cannot proceed