Sendbird UIKit memory leaks

UIKit v1.0.7. Left in a tab for a weekend (latest Google Chrome) simple App component and see it leaks memory and CPU load a lot (macOS 10.15.5)!

No other tabs leaked even close to this one. Even Facebook.

Thanks for reporting this @Dmytro

Do you have any screenshots? Will fix this ASAP

I’ve closed the tab already, but it was using a 98% of a single core (checked in Google Chrome Task Manager) and heat my Mac a lot.

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Got it, we will increase the priority of this and try to fix it ASAP

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Hello @Dmytro looking for a pointer - was it just the CPU or did you notice memory/javascript-heap; were they high too?

Also, how was your chat traffic - how many channels / message frequency?

Gonna leave it once again for couple hours to check, but main concern was CPU (full core load and heats hardware).

I have a React app there with router and Material UI, but there was also another route in nearby tab and no leaks, no CPU load. Page with Sendbird UIKit is dead simple, only App component.

I had only 2 group chats there with couple messages each.

So, after couple hours I’ve got back to the App and basically it had higher CPU load (up to 15% of the core) after wake up from sleep, but got back to normal after some time. No RAM leaks, memory was approx. the same as on launch. But I’ve got no new messages since then, will check it with new messages and see what happens in a few hours.

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This is very helpful, thanks. We were doing mostly memory profiling actually

@Dmytro So, based on the investigation, the 15% spike is because there’s a reconnect / refresh

We are still trying to reproduce the 98% of a single core, unsuccessful so far :frowning:
Can you share your system specs? Like O/S hardware

Have been trying to reproduce this issue over the last few days. Havent been able to reproduce

Will close for now

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Thank you for checking out. Recently I upgraded UIKit and had no issues like that. Will get back here in case it repeats.