Sendbird UIKit React v2 (with NextJS) error: Command received no ack

When attempting to execute this working example for UIKit React v2 with NextJS on my local machine, I encounter the following error every time, without fail:

SendBirdException: Command received no ack.

I am running Node v16.13.0 and NPM v8.2.0. The only way in which I alter the example when running it locally, is that I use NPM for installation and execution instead of Yarn.

My understanding is that it is related to some networking issue, but the local network is functioning perfectly, as far as I know.

Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Hey, I am also having the same issue here with Next.js and Sendbird UI Kit for React v2, any chance you figured how to solve this issue ?. Not only that also QueryInProgress Exception with scrolling through list of users to add. How can we at least handle the Exceptions so it won’t break the app ?

Hello, I am sravan, I am a developer in React UIKit team, we are looking into this and update you as early as possible

Okay, good to know at least the team knows about it

Hi @Sravan_S do you have any update regarding SendBirdException: Command received no ack in NextJS?

We are working on a fix, will try to include in a release today(uikit v3) for v2, probably next week

@Sravan_S any reason why this is happening? I’ve tried the dynamic import but still it exists

So, this ack error happens because, there are some exceptions(some of them are internal) thrown from SDK(mostly from flaky websocket connections), I have not seen these errors appear as a big popup in production builds, it should only appear on codesandbox and nextjs local version

For the ones that are not internal, they should be inside try..catch or next.then.catch. I have included those in the fix. But, I suspect there are a few ones that are internal which we cannot catch from uikit/application side. I even tried to add error boundary to catch them, but it didnt work well

So, I will release a release candidate for v3 today, need to test that for a day or and see if the internal errors occur. If the internal errors occur often, we will have to clean it from SDK side

@Sravan_S thank you for your kind answer. let us know if the changes are deployed on V2.~

So, update, we found the root cause for this in SDK. Its a large work, will update here when it is fixed on SDK side

This is because of StrictMode in React 18, it will not affect your production build, but we will include a fix in 3.0.2

Hi Sravan,
I using @sendbird/uikit-react version 3.1.0, but still showing error message like that

My project enviroments following:

  • React: ^17.0.2,
  • @sendbird/uikit-react: ^3.1.0

This one, is a packet loss exception leak. It wont break your app in production(the overlay for this error receive is only for dev. builds in nextjs and CRA)
We are working with chat SDK to fix it, I will mention here once we have a solution

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Hi Sravan,
I also using @sendbird-uikit / React Uikit V2 with Next.js, and I still encounter below error message:

I am running my project with below enviroments:

  • Node v16.13.0
  • React 17.0.2
  • Next 12.1.0
  • Yarn 1.22.17

Could you let me know when this error sort out?

Yes, I will reply when it is sorted out. Its the same issue

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It’s been 3-4 months now, still no fix :unamused:

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