SendBirdUI UIKit - ChannelsListViewController

SendBirdUIKit 1.2.9
SendBirdSDK 3.0.208

I cannot override the method

override func leaveChannel(_ channel: SBDGroupChannel, completionHandler: ((Bool) -> Void)? = nil) {}

I get the following error:
overriding non-open instance method outside of its defining module

I have the channels list view controller subclassed as follows
class ChannelsListViewController: SBUChannelListViewController{}

Hello @Minon_Weerasinghe leaveChannel method is public not open at the moment. May I know why do you want to override that method?

Hey @Woo thanks for your reply.
I want to over ride the current behaviour when it comes to leaving a channel.
First thing I want to do is to show an alert asking the user to confirm that they want to leave the chat and second thing is that the leaving the channel needs to happen on the server level using the platform API (this has already been implemented on our backend).

@Minon_Weerasinghe thanks for letting me know your use case! Due to current progress on open channel feature, I don’t think I can patch this right away. However, our next major release with open channel will be within a couple weeks, so I will make sure this method to be open on our next release.

Thank you. It’s actually group channel, not open channel.