Sending SBDFileMessage with a video is slow in iOS(swift)

sending a SBDFileMessage with a video as the file is slow, after the message user click send and leaves the chat the message is still sending… but when they go back into the chat since message has not sent because it takes anywhere from 5-30 seconds to send, the message is not part of the messageCollection… is there anyway that sending FileMessages to be faster? should we lock the user in the View until the message sends or fails to send?

Hey @Cris_Warren this could be as a result of a combination of poor internet connection coupled with large file sizes. I do not think locking the user in the chat view until the message sends will improve the performance.

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On that note, where is your app’s region at compared to where your users are at?

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@Jed_Gyeong I noticed you’re part of the staff, hope you don’t mind me tagging you in the thread,
any tips or suggestions with this issue?