Set operator permissions

Hello there, how can we different permission level when promoting a member to an operator ?

The requirement is that when we promote a Group-Channel member to an Operator we want to be able to set which actions that particular operator can do. Below is a basic idea of different actions that we want to allow/disallow for each operator.

Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 12.10.29 PM


You can leverage the metadata property while creating a user using the following API,
POST https://api-{application_id}


{ “user_id”:“tom”, “nickname”:“Tom Smith”, “profile_url”:“”, “metadata”: { “change_group_info”: “1”, “delete messages”: “0”, “ban users”: “1” } }

You can use up to 5 items in the metadata property. Sendbird does not have an API to set custom permissions on the backend.