setPushTriggerOption based on group channel's custom type

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Hi, is there any way to set push notification preference based on group channel custom type?

Hello Yoong,
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Could you please share me the use case so that I can help you better.
Please find the list of options which you can set. You can try the “all” option and see if this helps you:

For more details , please refer the documentation- Push notifications | Chat JavaScript SDK | Sendbird Docs

Hi Rahul, we are currently exploring the possibility of implementing a use case where users can mute selected channels with the same custom channel type. Specifically, we want to allow users to mute notifications from all channels with the product type. Based on my research, I found that we can update the notification preference for a channel and retrieve all channels with the same custom type, then update their notification preferences in a loop. However, I was wondering if there is an alternative approach to achieve this.

Hello Yoong,
Please check below documentation and let me know if this helps: