GroupChannel PushTriggerOption.OFF not working

Hey there!

I am trying to migrate from setPushPreference to setMyPushTriggerOption for a group channel. I want to be able to turn on and off push notifications for a certain channel. When I pass in PushTriggerOption.OFF I still receive push notifications. I have noticed that when I call groupChannel.myPushTriggerOption it is returning what I expect. Perhaps I am missing setting something?

I am on version 3.0.167 of the Android SDK

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Hi @afish,

We looked into it and we couldn’t identify the problem.
Could you share your application ID, the channel url of that specific channel and the receiver’s user ID so we can look into it more?

Thank you.

Is there any update on this?

Hi @afish,
Sorry for the late response.

We did some digging and could you confirm that the user 25510 is a receiver?

It seems like the other user, 27901 has set the push trigger option to OFF and the receiver, 25510, has the push trigger option on (ALL), so that the receiver is still getting the push notification.

Can you see the history of the receiver 25510? I was testing more in the meantime and must have turned it on. I have now turned off notifications for user 25510 (but still get notifications). User 27901 was on an old build with an old SDK, I have since updated and toggled the notifications on and off. I won’t change these in the meantime.

Would you be able to confirm what the push trigger option for these two are? I believe that I set them to OFF

Hi @afish
I’ll get back to you after checking with our server engineer.

Hi @afish,

We’ve checked your app on the specific channel you’ve reported, but this time, we found out that both user’s push token was deleted, so we tried to look through the logs, but we couldn’t find any logs of push being sent out on the app.

I think it’s time to get a direct support from our solutions engineer, so could you file a ticket on this issue?

Thanks for all your help! I will do that

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Hello again, I reached out to support at the beginning of August but I haven’t received a reply. I’m wondering if I sent my issue to the correct place

Hi @afish,

Can you DM me your case number and I’ll take a look.

I have the same problem, I can’t turn off notifications for user for specific chat

I try to do like that

But it doesn’t work