Simultaneously usage UIKit and Sendbird.init in one file

Hey guys! Could you suggest to me if can I use UIKIt and Sendbird.init from (JS chat SDK) simultaneously in one file? The fact is that I need to create custom two ChannelLists, but I want to use <Channel/> from uikit. Can I do it? and if you have some examples, could you share it, please?

Hello @NikShein,

Yes you can use Sendbird.init() to create create custom ChannelLists and use UIKit simultaneously in one file.

Here is the sample code to do that after retrieving channels using Chat SDK -

    const customChannelList = channels.filter(channel => channel.customType === 'CUSTOM_TYPE');
    const defaultChannelList = channels.filter(channel => channel.customType !== 'CUSTOM_TYPE');
    return (
          onChannelSelect={(channel) => console.log(channel)}
          onChannelSelect={(channel) => console.log(channel)} />