Start messages from the top of the chat


currently we are customizing our Sendbird chat in iOS systems, and we have an issue making the list of messages starting from top, like WhatsApp or Telegram do, because by default it starts from the bottom of the chat.

Example of what we want to achieve:


In Android we managed to solve this issue with Android SDK with LayoutManager, with this line of code: LinearLayoutManager(context, RecyclerView.VERTICAL, false), but we don’t find an answer to solve this via iOS SDK or Sendbird SDK. Is there a feature to solve this via Sendbird SDK, or any suggestion to solve this via iOS SDK?


Hello @Rodrigo,

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Can you tell me what version of the UIKit you’re using for iOS?

v2.2.12 in UIKit, and v3.1.39 in SendbirdSDK

@Tyler Did you find something about this issue?