SyncManager not receiving Platform API generated user image messages

Using SyncManager(1.1.24) and SDK (3.0.144), currently I’m not receiving image messages generated from the Platform API. It is a group channel with just two participants, the platform API is used to generate image messages. All the params of the message match the message that would be sent on the Android app. The image message generated is not through the upload of the image directly, but including the image URL in the message’s file.url param.

Interestingly, the web and iOS (not using syncmanager) platforms are able to receive the message and display them. Text messages however, do work and is displayed correctly.

To be more precise, I found out the issue through logging the amount of messages in onSucceededMessageEvent in the MessageCollectionHandler. The messages totally do not include any of the messages created by the Platform API.

To conclude, it seems like there’s a ‘filter’ applied to ignore these image messages through the SyncManager. I believe this could just be an implementation/config error on my part, but I can’t find any setting that would help.

Hi, could you please provide us with the sample code so that we can reproduce your issue at our end? Specifically, having

  1. the request sent to the server that creates the problematic message,
  2. The android code where you expect the message instance to be passed

would be really helpful. Thank you.