The best way to switch device during video call

My app allows a guest (not authorized user) to call an expert (an authorized user) in 1to1 format.

For example, a guest wants to ask an expert about how to connect a printer.

The use case seems like that:

  • A guest enters the website via his laptop and pushes the button “Find me an expert”
  • The first available expert accepts the call request. Call is established.
  • During the call the expert or guest wants to enrich the conversation with more details by streaming video via his smartphone (E.g. to show the printers control panel)

So what is the best way to allow user switch device during video call?
May be there’re some schemas including sendbird api methods which make it easy.

The goal is to make switching as maximum seamless as it possible and remain calls 1to1 (again if possible)

I’ve thought about such schemas:

  1. Use group calls instead of 1to1 and allow third device to be connected (2 actual members always, but 2+ devices allowed)
  2. Show smth like qr-code, which represents the direct url to the private call (the essential information could be stored in query params) which allows to connect from the phone. But there’s some pain relating to finishing previous desktop call and also to returning back to desktop call format.