Uikit-react v3

I started using the UIkit v3 beta. And I get the sdk using SendbirdSelector. What is the difference between this sdk and the @sendbird/chat v4 sdk. I am confused. If I only use UIkit v3 do I still need to use @sendbird/chat v4 sdk.

Hi Waseem

Thank you for your post. Can you please clarify what you are trying to do?

If you use the UIkit, you don’t need to use the SDK, but in order to give you an accurate answer, it would be helpful to understand fully your use case.


Well, I saw the source code of UIKIt v3 beta, and I found out that it still uses sendbird Javascript chat sdk v3, but latest js sdk is v4. I wanted to know if Uikit react v3 is going to use js chat sdk v4 in future.

P.S: Also, when using MessageSearch Module, there is no way to pass a function that needs to be called when clicking the close icon in the header section of the MessageSearch View.

Hi Waseem

Using SDK v4 inside the UIKit v3 is planned, but we don’t have a confirmed date yet.

Let me investigate your second point internally and come back to you.