URGENT Problem with chat SDK+notifications

I have an urgent problem.

  1. If we send multiple messages in the chat, some of them disappear…And are not shown to the receiver. Maybe you are aware of this bug and know how to fix this behavior?
  2. The notifications are working only if chat is offline. Any way to fix this?


  1. How often have you been sending various messages?
    Messages that exceed the limit of 5/seconds for messages are filtered by the server.
    Keep that in mind.
    Rate limits | Chat Platform API | Sendbird Docs

  2. In the case of online, you will receive messages through the handler, so it will be set not to send push.
    If you want to get a push regardless of online/offline,
    Try changing from Dashboard → Settings → Chat → Notifications to Push notification for multi-device users (send to devices both offline and online).


We have an issue putting together a build. The name package you guys have already exists in react. How can we urgently fix this issue???
react-native-webrtc conflict with sendbird-webrtc-ios