Want to get the answer from internet or from chatgpt , if answer is not avaialble in provided knowledge bases

I have created the send bird ai chat bot , but it only able to answer from provided knowledge bases. I want it to find the answers from internet or from chatgpt ( with some restrictons ) if answers are not available in knowledge bases . Currently i am using free trial

Hi Kunal,

Besides using the knowledge base, you may use Function Calls to call to external APIs and respond back with grounded answers.

Here is the links to the function call feature: https://sendbird.com/docs/ai-chatbot/guide/v1/sendbird-dashboard/function-calls.

If you want more background info: How to master prompt engineering, function calling, and the use of GPT | Sendbird

You may have to craft the prompt carefully as this will handle the intent and which function call to trigger.

A notable endpoint to request internet data upon querying is SerpAPI. https://serpapi.com/search-api (Paid).

Upon querying the internet using such endpoint, you may need to send additional filter parameters.

Feel free to explore other external services and connect them with your Ai Chatbot.

Have a great time with Sendbird’s AI Chatbot!

Thank you for your response. To clarify, does this mean there is no built-in feature that meets my needs? Will I need to integrate external APIs and incur additional costs beyond your subscription?

Hi Kunal,

As of now, the AI Chatbot does not have a direct way to “search” or parse the web beside the URL provided as a Knowledge Base.

Integrating via Function Calls is recommended. (edit. Supported only with OpenAi models)

Any external services outside Sendbird will incur charges based on usage.