[Web React UIkit] TypingIndicatorBubble still show when channel changed

How to trigger:

  1. Let someone in channel typing
  2. And someone’s TypingIndicatorBubble is show
  3. And switch to another group channel without someone
  4. someone’s TypingIndicatorBubble is still show

someone typing in group channel A and someone’s TypingIndicatorBubble is show.
when I select to another group channel
the TypingIndicatorBubble should gone.

How should we address the issue where the TypingIndicatorBubble continues to display even when the channel is changed?

[UIKit Version]
@sendbird/uikit-react”: “^3.12.1”
I had try the newest version:“3.13.2” but same issue.

[Reproduction Steps]
the setting:

import SendbirdProvider from '@sendbird/uikit-react/SendbirdProvider';

            groupChannel: {
              typingIndicatorTypes: new Set(['bubble']),


[Current impact]
Look strange