What is the maximum number of channels we can create?

Hello, I can’t find any documentation on the number of channels (group_channels/supergroup_channels) we can create (1000, 20000, unlimited?).

We are building an online meta environment in which users are allowed to start new conversations (backed by a group-channel) by simply posting a message. This could potentially lead to a large number of chat channels.

If there are limitations to the number of channels, one workaround would be to delete old channels by downloading the contents and saving this as a read-only blob in our own application. To plan this development I need an indication on the max number of channels.

thanks in advance!

Hello, @Sander Welcome to the Sendbird Community!

We are not limiting the number of channels as of now. You need to consider a couple of things:

  1. A member can be part of 2,000 channels (SuperGroup).

  2. You can use the distinct set to true if you want the same 2 (or more) users to share the same channel if they want to chat. If you set distinct to true, Sendbird will reuse the channel instead of creating a new one.

Reference doc: | Chat JavaScript SDK | Sendbird Docs

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks for the quick reply and the additional tips!