What region should I use when setting up my server?

Tokyo server is our shared region server, meaning there are a lot of customers that are sharing the same server. We recommend our customer to start in the region where their end users are located for better performance reason.
Another use case of moving to a different region is security. Many of our customers that do not want their chat data to be mixed in the same server asked us to move them into a dedicated/sole server.

Are there any servers in the London region and how would I go about requesting a migration to dedicated servers in a different region from our current hosting?

@nick.sturrock As far as I know, we do not have a London region at the moment.

But we have one in Frankfurt region. Would that help??

For migration, there is a migration API (https://docs.sendbird.com/platform/migration)

@eric.kim yes it may help - we’re interested in better performance that having a more local server might bring (all our services are located in AWS London zone currently, and all users currently UK & EU) but we’d also like the additional data security of a dedicated/sole server. If we’re getting a dedicated server can we choose where it’s located?