Auto-routing of tickets to agents not working

How can we get auto assignment of incoming tickets to our desk agents working? Right now, our desk admins are required to manually assign incoming tickets to agents, even if the agents have not hit the thresh hold maximum number of tickets in the auto ticket routing settings. Is there an additional setting that needs to be configured?

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@dennison Welcome to the Sendird Community!

By default if you have enabled auto-ticket routing from the Desk-> Settings you can set the assignment rules for auto routing of tickets to live agents.

For more information refer this guide assignment rules and team assignment.

Hi Thanraj. Thanks for responding to my question. We have already turned on the setting under Settings > Desk > Automation > Auto ticket routing. We have even increased the maximum number of active tickets to 10 (default was 5). Is this the correct setting? We also already have created assignment rules to teams under Settings > Desk > Rules > Assignment. Are there any other settings needed?

@dennison : I have sent you DM for some information. Kindly help me with those details.

I’ve replied to your DM with the details. Thanks!