API call/webhook for Desk ticket assignment

Is there a webhook that fires when a ticket is assigned to an agent? Conversely, is there an API call where I can ask for a ticket to be assigned to a particular agent?

https://sendbird.com/docs/desk/v1/platform-api/guides/webhooks#2-ticket-updated – I would have expected this event, but it says that it only fires when the customer satisfaction rating of the ticket is updated.

Hi @Sameer_Madan,

We do not currently have a webhook for when a ticket is assigned to an agent. Additionally, we do not have a method available to assign a ticket to an agent, only to cancel the assignment. Assignments are currently handled through the Dashboard under Settings > Rules > Assignment.


I see. Any plans to add one? The Desk API in general seems to lack a lot of features.

It does not look like these items are currently on the roadmap, but I’ll go ahead and put them into a feature request for you. Could you give me an in-depth outline as to what specifically you’re looking for and the use case behind them?


We’re building a concierge service with a chat feature where we want to show users who their concierge is. To do this, we need to either be able to pick who the concierge should be and tell SB to set that to be the agent owning the ticket, or, SB needs to pick an agent to own the ticket and tell us who they picked. I don’t see a way to do either.

Generally, I think being able to programmatically assign a ticket to someone would be very useful. That way, I could write my own logic around who should own a ticket and then simply call into SB to transfer the ticket to that person.

Thank you for the information @Sameer_Madan, I’ll pass this on to Product Management as a feature request.

If that’s the goal, you might want to check two events that tell who is assigned to a ticket.

Hi @Sameer_Madan,

I’ve been working with out awesome Desk team to work out a solution for you. They’ve proposed adding an ASSIGNMENT.CREATED webhook. This would be triggered whenever a ticket is assigned or transferred to an agent. Would that be sufficient for your needs?

Hi Tyler,

Sorry I totally missed this. Yes that would nice to add. Further, I’d also like a webhook event for when the customer sends a message to us. I want to use this event to be able to internally notify our concierge so that they know that they need to respond.

Basically in Desk’s current model, the agent needs to proactively look at Desk to see if there’s any messages waiting for them. Instead, I want a push-based model where the agent doesn’t need to sit there and wait. Instead, they’re simply notified when there’s a message for them and are ideally able to respond right from their phones. For now, I’ll take just the notification, but a way to respond from the phone would be ideal.