Cannot access to api endpoints

I’m currently trying on quickstart-calls-reactjs.
Our company basically restricts access to, so I had to ask our IT team to obtain access.
Now I’m able to access dashboard, but still unable to access api endpoints such as:
https://api-{my_app_id}, returning ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error.
It looks like additional access control to api servers are required.
Any advice or helps here?

Hi and welcome to the Sendbird community!!

This is most probably related to your network and the IT team should provide access to more than one domain as the API endpoint you mentioned there is considered to be a different domain.

All the above are considered to be different domains, and any other subdomain under * that is not www. Make sure those are whitelisted if you would like to test the product inside your network.

Also, please make sure that other request methods, other than GET, are also allowed: POST, PUT, and DELETE.

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