Channel List - Platform API

I get timeouts whenever I perform a channel list operation in which I specify either a channel name or custom_types. Sendbird has indicated that they are currently having issues with case sensitive searches. I’m not aware of any way to perform case insensitive searches. I get timeouts even when matching the case of the search term and the search target exactly. Does anybody know how to specify case sensitivity in searches?

@VINA_Admin I believe by default it should be case insensitive and you shouldn’t have to apply anything. Follow up to that, do you mind telling me what region your app is in? And where you are located? The timeouts could be for example as a result of you being in London, and your application is in Tokyo.

The app is in AWS us-east-1, which is where I’m performing the search from. The interesting thing is that I get a timeout even when I search by name or custom_types via the sendbird web console. Are you sure that the case insensitive is the default?

We deployed the fix and the ticket is resolved now. Please let us know if you still have a problem.