Channel with 0 member

i just found out that channel disapear in dashboard when channel members go 0

i thought that channel will be exist whether member is or not.

So i have 2 questions

  1. Does channel really deleted when channel member goes down to 0??

  2. if there is a channel how long it stays? i mean is there a standline about delete channel or not?
    (ex if there no chat in channel during 1 month it will be destroyed)

Hello @pickn,

My default, when all members of a channel either leave or are removed, the channel is actually deleted. This is the default behavior as it helps ensure clean up of unused channels.

That being said, we understand certain use cases require a channel to remain “alive” even though it contains no members. For the reason, our Support team can modify this behavior on a per application basis.

In regards to your second question, a channel exists “forever” assuming you’ve not deleted it. There is no mechanism in place to automatically remove or delete channels that have no activity.

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thanks for quick reply @Tyler I’ll contect with Support team