Crash unrecognized selector sent to instance [didFailReconnection]

Hey guys,

We are getting the following crash in SendBirdSDK (= 3.0.187)

The method - ( void )didFailReconnection; is marked optional but sendbird sdk is calling it without checking if the object responds to selector

@Imran_jutt Hey, thanks for the report. Will fix the issue and let you know after I release a patch!

@Imran_jutt I patched and released v3.0.190. Let me know if you have any other concerns

@Woo thanks. we will update and let you know if we encounter any issue

@Imran_jutt My apology, I missed similar issue on delegate validation. will release a patch v3.0.192 with fixes. Thanks

@Woo what was the method name that was missed?

Similar validation issue were found on other delegate methods (i.e channelWasUnfrozen and some others)