Dashboard link not working

The links to enter each chat room on the Moderation page are not working
each page can enter through direct url but it can not enter by click

Hello @Tommy,

It would be nice to see some examples. This appears to be working fine for me.


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thank you for your answer.
click each channel is not working but open new tab is work.

Hi @Tommy,

Could you open the console and take a look at the console logs as well as the network logs to see if there are any errors? It seems odd that you’re running into this issue.

in console, everytime click item, this third-party error occurred
스크린샷 2024-02-20 오전 8.28.45


It looks like you no longer have a valid subscription, and so you shouldn’t have access to any premium features like dashboard Moderation. It looks like you shouldn’t be able to side-step the feature requirement so we’ll patch that asap.

oh i understand. thank you!