Disallow members inviting other members

I would like to use Sendbird to facilitate influencers setting up a paid, private chat with their followers.

How can I disallow chat participants or members from inviting others to the chat?

I have figured out that I can override userListQuery in UIKit, but this is a front-end-only control, that could be circumvented by a sophisticated user. How can I disallow this with server-side controls (ideally from Sendbird’s servers instead of mine)?

Hi @jonwolski,

Sendbird Support can modify an attribute on your application that would prevent invitations from being created via the SDK. That being said, in the UIKit, the creation button would still appear unless you were to hide it via CSS.

@Tyler that sounds like it would work for us. How then would people get invited to chats to begin with?

  1. Would we need to do all of that through the administrative dashboard?
  2. Could it be done through the platform API?

Hi @jonwolski,

You can utilize both options to create and invite users to channels. The preferred way would probably be using the Platform API as you can utilize that in a programatic fashion where as the Dashboard would be in a manual fashion.