Error after chat SDK update

Application ID: 7A862590-3469-457E-B187-5BC2601C3146

Hello, I am a member who is using Sandbird Chat sdk in React native environment.

There was no problem before, but the error occurs after the update, can you tell me why?

The following error occurs after Sandbird is updated to 3.1.10.

Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection (id: 0):
TypeError: Cannot read property 'nodeId' of null

The estimated location of the error is the connect function below.

const connect: Connect = async (userId, token, callback) => {
        await sendbird.connect(userId, token, (err, u) => {
            const user = u as unknown as SendBird.User;
            const error = err as unknown as SendBird.SendBirdError;
            callback(user, error);
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Hi @castellan2345,

Welcome to the Sendbird Community.

Is there any way to get more context around the error? A stack trace perhaps?

I’m also seeing the exact same error, it occurs when you call sendbird.connect(). I’m using a sendbird instance with localCacheEnabled set to true, trying to implement the new GroupMessageCollection and MessageCollection, not sure if that is related or if the connect function itself is the true problem.

Another concerning issue is that this didn’t appear immediately with 3.1.10, only after I started a new Android Emulator.

This error must have been introduced in 3.1.10, because downgrading to 3.1.9 the error no longer appears.

EDIT: Another interesting thing, even wrapping the call to connect() in a try / catch didn’t reveal anything, the entire app just locked up upon calling connect()

I am on React Native 0.76.2

Hi @fullStackChris,

Any chance you could provide a full stack trace of the error for us to investigate?

That’s the problem, there is no stack trace, the app just completely locks up. Not sure if @castellan2345 has more information or insight?

My hunch is that it’s something foul down at the native level. I would guess it was at the React Native level I would have actually seen something from my try / catch


Thank you for the information. It may take me some time but I’ll see if I can figure out what is going on.